Located in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kenner Wire & Cable (KWC) is a distributor of electrical wire and telecommunications cabling and related products. In over 20 years in business, the company has enjoyed success providing services and materials to businesses, government and contractors in Hawaii and Asia.

Kenner Wire & Cable solves the most difficult electrical, telecommunications and data cabling challenges for industry and government across the U.S. and Pacific Rim—the ones no one else wants to touch. Extreme conditions, such as cold, heat and humidity; restrictive time constraints; unusual product needs; complicated and sensitive projects.

That’s because Kenner was built to handle the most difficult challenges. Four Generations in the Wire and Cable Business.

A supplier network that stretches across timelines and to the hardest-to-find cabling and infrastructure items, providing just-in-time delivery across the U.S. and into Asia.

Reliability and durability aren’t just buzzwords, they’re guiding principles. We supply the hardiest utility products, including power and underground power cable, monitoring cable, control cable and instrumentation cable with a range of insulation and jacketing types such as PVC, XLPE, Low Smoke Zero Halogen and other engineered coatings.

Depend on Kenner when dependability is your bottom line.

Whatever or wherever the operation may be, in-country or overseas, Kenner delivers the highest field-grade products free on board. We offer a complete selection of robust field assemblies, including hermaphroditic and tactical cables, ready-made for both military and civilian applications. When your project demands someone who understands the delicate processes of government work, Kenner will always exceed your expectations.

Kenner’s goal is to see you succeed. Whether you specialize in Outside, Inside, or IBS, we know what it takes to get your application across the finish line. Kenner connects you with a vast array of fiber optic cable, copper cable, hardware, and determination accessories from the most respected names in the industry. We understand that oftentimes contracting presents a challenging combination of conditions, materials, and objectives.  Let our four generations of experience help you. Call Kenner, and we’ll help you get the pieces sorted.

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