Convert Paper to CAD

Kenner Inc. is a local Hawaiian company with a focus on delivering the highest quality CAD conversions using the Bentley engineering platform used by leading owner operators in utilities, transportation and governmental agencies.

Kenner Inc. provides services to lower your cost, increase your efficiency and mitigate risk through our proven Paper to CAD conversion process.

Kenner is dedicated to providing accurate and cost efficient converted data that will streamline the management of your documentation.

Kenner Inc. is here to meet your CAD conversion needs. Turning your Paper documents into reusable CAD files including many types of drawings, deliverable in micro station format to your standards:

  • P&ID
  • Electrical drawings (Motor Schematics, Relay Schematics, Wiring Diagrams, ecc.)
  • Plot Plans
  • Scale dimensional drawings (Control Board Layouts, Cabinet Layouts)
  • Isometrics
  • Mechanical drawings (equipment drawings, pump dimension drawings, etc.)


Bentley MicroStation, users can:

  • Document and present your design efficiently, precisely, and with confidence.
  • Act on reliable fit-for-purpose deliverables that reflect the latest design revision throughout the work in progress.
  • Consistently communicate your design intent – with changes intrinsically reflected throughout. MicroStation makes it easier for users to follow standards than to break them. The result is better quality and consistent documentation in less time without the headaches. In addition, its capability to instantaneously synchronize the model and the representative drawings simplifies and automates the drawing composition process. Since all deliverables adhere to the same project standards and format, the result is high-quality documentation that the entire project team can be confident about.

Additional MicroStation services Kenner Inc. provide includes:

  • 3D modeling and plots
  • Hand sketches from plans, sections, elevations, and detail diagrams into .DGN files
  • Alphanumeric or tabular reports
  • Active data exchanges and queries
  • Visualizations and renderings from hand sketches


Kenner Microstation brochure-1

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